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North Wales

North Wales has it all. Full of visual drama and splendour, steeped in history with a vibrant bilingual 21st Century culture. Its diverse landscape is home to everything from cultural events, outdoor activities and historic sites, to beaches, mountains and lakes.

Many people in this friendly and welcoming part of the world speak Welsh as a first language. Indeed, the language thrives throughout the region: newsagents stock Welsh and English-medium newspapers and magazines, whilst everything from road signs to local radio stations tend to be bilingual.

So many great things make North Wales the perfect place to live, raise a family, enrich your life and keep you busy in your spare time! It was recently voted the 4th best region to visit in the world by Lonely Planet.

East or West?

Both similar and different, which area of North Wales you choose to live in will probably be dictated by the type of lifestyle you lead. The northeast of Wales has plenty of history and is home to North Wales' only World Heritage Site. If you would love to live close to the sea, the coastal regions of Colwyn Bay and Conwy have excellent beaches and are packed with family attractions. If you are an adventure seeker you may feel more at home in the Llyn Peninsula, where you'll have easy access to the neighbouring mountains of Snowdonia. 

The Great Outdoors

Picture this. An abandoned quarry, once the world’s largest, turned into the world’s fastest zip zone. Or how about the world’s first man-made surf lagoon delivering consistent two metre waves. You can even scale to Britain’s lowest point, deep beneath the mountain's of Snowdonia. With all this, it’s no surprise that North Wales has a growing reputation as being the adventure capital of the UK. Underground, on ground or above ground, every day can be an adventure when you live in North Wales. 

Culture and Heritage

But it’s not all about flying through the air. There are plenty of things to do in North Wales that don't require a helmet or wetsuit. North Wales has an incredibly warm and rich bilingual culture and heritage which is irresistible. Scattered with medieval castles, historic towns, historical monuments and intriguing museums - you can even explore a 4,000 year-old mine! 

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