Executive Recruitment

Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Our Purpose

  • To improve the health of the population we serve and deliver excellent care

Our Vision

  • We will improve the health of the population, with a particular focus upon the most vulnerable in our society.
  • We will do this by developing an integrated health service which provides excellent care delivered in partnership with the public and other statutory and third sector organisations.
  • We will develop our workforce so that it has the right skills and operates in a research-rich learning culture.

This vision sets out our ambition and will guide the work we undertake to plan and develop services for the future. It is an ambition that we are committed to delivering by engaging with our staff, population, partners and stakeholders. Our vision of an integrated health service reflects our commitment to remove barriers between primary, community and hospital services, finding new ways of working which make the best use of resources and skills throughout our organisation. Working in partnership to deliver our vision means that integration with other organisations and services will also be key to our success, whether that be with statutory partners, the third sector or with communities directly.

Our Values

Whilst having a clear vision is essential, if we are to work together to deliver improvement in the future its achievement will only be possible if we have a shared set of values which guide our behaviours and focus.

We have previously worked with our staff to identify the values that we all wish to adhere to. Feedback through surveys and other channels has identified that these values are not always evident throughout our organisation and we will therefore commit to a concerted focus upon these values going forward. Adoption of these values means that we will:

  • Put patients first
  • Work together
  • Value and respect each other
  • Learn and innovate
  • Communicate openly and honestly

Our Strategic Goals

  • Improve health and wellbeing for all and reduce health inequalities

  • Work in partnership to design and deliver more care closer to home

  •  Improve the safety and outcomes of care to match the NHS’ best

  • Respect individuals and maintain dignity in care

  •  Listen to and learn from the experiences of individuals

  • Support, train and develop our staff to excel

  • Use resources wisely, transforming services through innovation and research